Why mindfulness gives you freedom

When you feel like you’re trapped like a wasp in a conservatory

Emotional Freedom

You can all think of times when your emotions have got the better of you. That time when the more you tried to keep them in check the more they poured out. It always happens at the most unhelpful times. In a meeting with your boss, on the bus or in the supermarket. No-one wants it to happen but it all seems out of your control. Getting in control of your emotions can be helped through mindfulness.

5 tips for Emotional Freedom

  1. Be aware of your thoughts, notice any negative ones and establish what is fact versus fiction. Often you have created a whole story based on a comment or action of someone else that isn’t based in reality.

  2. Replace negative thoughts with positive ones or affirmations. Louise Hay is great for inspiration.

  3. You can choose to place your attention somewhere else. As you notice the negative self-talk, distract yourself by taking a sip of drink or thinking of a time when you were happy, enjoying yourself and content.

  4. You can face the emotion head on (maybe not when you are on the bus!) This way it’s no longer as scary as it once was. You're not pushing it away or trying to stop it. By acknowledging feelings of fear, anger or jealousy, you can make friends with them, give them a name, tell them you know they are there but you don't need them right now.

Think of how your emotions surface and what their triggers are. Learn to recognise when you are about to fall into the trap and stop yourself. You are the only person controlling your thoughts so change them. You have the choice not to step into the ‘drama’.

Mindfulness and Mindset

We all have a mindset that has been established by many years of what people have told us. That we couldn’t achieve, aren’t intelligent enough or we’ll always fail. It’s your beliefs about your skills and influences your thoughts and actions. Change your mindset and anything is possible. Having the awareness to know what thoughts are arising and knowing that you are capable of expanding your mindset and knowledge is a powerful way of practising mindfulness. Acknowledge where you are now but accept no limitations.

Letting go of judgement

Judgement of ourselves and others can hold you in a place of unhappiness and fear if you let it. You can go day to day not knowing how your thoughts are affecting your judgement or self-sabotaging your emotions and reactions. Becoming aware of the thoughts that you are having noticing them as ‘judgements’ not acting impulsively on them and then letting them go. Your mind is very clever but you can take back control making you more positive happy and excited about the future!

Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions
— Dalai Lama