Has your business got enough lifeboats?

On the titanic there were a handful of people who knew that if there was a major disaster then there wouldn’t be enough lifeboats (according to the film anyway). That was ok though, it couldn’t possibly happen, could it?

 Yet it troubled those people, but their concerns weren’t listened to and everyone went about their business. The rest as we know is history.

 We are living in unprecedented times; globally, politically, culturally, socially, economically and environmentally. You only have to look at what happened to Thomas Cook, to realise that our very foundations and structures of what we believed to be stable and certain are seriously being shaken.

 If organisations are thinking it won’t happen to them, then there is going to be a wake-up call. The cogs of industry that are being asked to turn faster and faster are pushing its leaders and managers to breaking point.

It requires a fundamental change in how organisations work. Simplying complicated processes and systems, no more back stabbing, one upmanship and harmful gossip. Those who are at the top will need to step up, uniting their people, to lead in a different way. To become a tribe of people and community who have each other’s best interests in mind, BEFORE the bottom line.

Tackling problems and challenges from a new perspective and dimension, awakening to the idea that the old ways won’t work. Being illuminated, creative, inspired and innovative. By being together, rather than in separation by technololgy, lack of human connection, deadlines and measures.

People will need to be vulnerable and real, not authentic. That’s just another mask to hide behind.

 What will our customers think?

 I’m not going to name names but I have a TV and broadband provider, that I’m about to ditch. I’m not going to ask to be put through to the disconnection department or try and negotiate with them. I don’t trust them anymore. I believe they think I need them more than they need me. I just want a good deal that doesn’t go up in price every few weeks.

 Customers are going to vote with their feet, if they think you don’t care. They won’t beg for your product or services. They’ll just find somewhere that has values that they identify with, a real person they can speak to and somewhere that looks after their employees. They’ll want to know what your Corporate Social Responsibility vision is, what your sickness levels are, not how glossy your brochure is.

Employees will do the same. Yes, we all know that you need money to pay bills, but above all, people will want a purpose, to be valued and feel they have a voice in shaping the organisation. A work-work balance, where they feel satisfied and part of the decision making. If they don’t get that, they’ll walk as well, with mortgages and children to feed. It will be that important to them.

When someone asks are your ready for the change, are you going to stick up your hand and say “no, we’re heading for disaster" or keep your head down and hope there is enough life jackets?

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Louise Hallam