Can meditation increase creativity?

If it's good enough for Mickey Mouse

Walt Disney was the one of the early adopters of meditation in the workplace, as they noticed a dramatic increase in creativity after employees meditated on creative solutions.

If you think about children and young people they don't have problems being creative. They haven't been affected by the presentation that was a flop, the idea that caused a tumbleweed moment, beating themselves up for not coming up with the greatest tag line. They are free of all the constraints that we have absorbed like sponges and as adults stop us dancing around in a kaftan or scribbling on the walls just because you can. 

What if meditation could help you rediscover the creative inner child, dust off your water colours, redesign that spare room or enjoy writing a book or an old fashioned letter?


5 ways that meditation can increase creativity

  1. Meditation is a tool for inward focus, using different brain networks to free up space to enable you to come up with ideas.

  2. Ever had that 'gut feeling'. Meditation allows you to tune into your intuition, which helps you to stop questioning yourself. Trusting that you are making the right choices and can make decisions.

  3. Practised regularly meditation can increase concentration and focus, memory and improved learning, which are central to creativity.

  4. You are training your brain to be open to new ideas and novel ways of doing things. Not to be suffocated by how you've responded or been treated in the past.

  5. Meditation helps you to access your subconscious mind, which is where all the hidden gems of ideas and your authentic self lives.

You can try this Creativity Meditation from one of my favourites, Honest Guys (you can skip any adverts!)



Creativity and Fear

You can often get caught up in the fear of what other people think, preventing you from unleashing all of your creative potential and anything that is possible. Worrying about what other people will think or getting caught up with your inner critic. Sometimes we are paralysed with fear, when we could be sharing our greatest creative gifts with the world.  Read more in my blog about fear.






You can’t use up activity. The more you use, the more you have
— Mary Angelou