7 tips for making meditation easy on holiday

Do you leave it at home with the plants, cats and the pile of junk mail on your doormat?

Hopefully you go away on holiday to relax unless you are some kind of adrenalin junkie. I know which category I fall into! It can actually be a great time to use your meditation practise as there are some great opportunities that you wouldn't normally get to explore. There is also the bit before you get to your holiday destination, which can be quite stressful. Packing, dealing with queues at the airport, waiting around, travelling, the unknown of your hotel, apartment, transfers and then …...….relax. This can also be tenfold if you are on a city break as you can arrive home more stressed than when you went away as you try and pack in as much as possible.  Guilty! When I went to New York last year, it was a bit of a blur and with jet lag it took me longer to recover than my actual holiday.

So mindfulness and meditation is the perfect thing to add to your travel list and here are seven tips for making it easy.

Seven tips for meditating on holiday

  1. The most stressful part can be the travelling so start before you even get there. The airport is perfect as you are inevitably waiting around for hours. Don't worry about what anyone else thinks and plug yourself in to some guided meditations. Great if you aren't keen on flying as well as you'll arrive on board nice and chilled.

  2. If you have a routine of meditating at home, try and keep it up whilst you are away. So if its normally the first thing you do in the morning, keep to that even if it's a bit later than normal.

  3. Going on a beach holiday? Meditating on the waves is amazing or a walking meditation on the beach is going to have you blissed out.

  4. Visiting lots of cultural attractions or artefacts then you can practise mindfulness and really take it all in. Try not to be constantly looking through a mobile phone or a camera, noticing every detail.

  5. Find a few minutes to sit on your balcony, terrace or just somewhere with the window open (assuming that you are somewhere warm!). Listen to all the new and interesting sounds, take in the different smells and notice what you can see.

  6. Like lounging on the beach or by the pool? Again perfect for listening to guided meditations and it doesn't even matter if you drop off to sleep. Or you can just close your eyes and take it what is happening around you, all the new experiences will be firing off your senses. Even more relaxing!

  7. Avoid arriving home more stressed that when you left. If you're waiting for a transfer or get delayed on your journey, practise a couple of breathing exercises or mantras to keep you in a positive frame of mind.

These are just a few ideas and if you are already loving your meditation practise, this is just another way of making it fun and interesting. It needed feel as though you've given yourself work to do and of course if you miss a few days, its not going to matter. It could just make some of those precious holiday memories last that little bit longer.

An attitude of gratitude

If you want to give yourself an extra boost of positivity and wellbeing on holiday, experience everything with an attitude of gratitude.  Practising gratitude is know to leave you with higher levels of positive emotions, make you more alert, alive and awake, give you more joy and pleasure and feelings of optimism and happiness. So power up your gratitude and have a fabulous time!