Helping experienced managers and business owners who are drowning in work get a life, by giving them the freedom and balance, to switch off and get a good nights sleep

If you are:

“Who you are tomorrow begins with what you do today” - Tim Fargo

“Who you are tomorrow begins with what you do today” - Tim Fargo

  • Successful, but drowning in work with no life outside.

  • Not delivering your best as a manager, not always being there for your family.

  • Working long hours and get to the weekend and all you want to do is rest rather than enjoy time with your family and friends.

  • Doing routine things that make you anxious that never used to.

And you’re ready to:

  • Get a good nights sleep.

  • Get the balance of work and life that you crave, no work spilling over into family life.

  • Get back the confidence that you used to have in your own ability.

  • Love your work again, not dread that Monday morning feeling and know what your purpose is.

  • Make time for yourself to do more of the things that are fun, make you laugh and be yourself.

    If you know how to work hard but want to learn how to relax, would like to be able to prioritise work without getting overwhelmed.

    My focus is to help more people, just like you to finally get the balance right, bringing productivity, and fulfilling potential. taking you from frazzled to freedom.

    employer and individual packages available.

    Contact me for a 30 minute discovery call to find out more.

People who I have worked with from fast paced industries say “Usually I wake up 3-5 times a night and last night I stirred once I think. Louise has taught me to slow down, enjoy the moment and be kind to yourself. My thoughts are clearer and I’m more focused.

I've heard of Mindfulness and Meditation. What are they?

It's a good question! The experience of Mindfulness and Meditation is going to be different for everyone. If it's completely new to you, then a simple explanation is that its focusing your attention and being consciously aware. Being in the present when we spend a lot of time dwelling in the past or trying to predict the future. Both can help if you can’t get to sleep or struggle to relax and unwind your mind.

What about the difference between Mindfulness and Meditation?

The two practises have both been around for centuries, it is Mindfulness that has become increasingly popular, mainly due to a man called Jon Kabat-Zinn 'Mindfulness means paying attention in a particular way; on purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgementally.

Mindfulness being the act of being aware in the present moment and meditation being the exercise, when actively taken, to put you into a deeper mindfulness state. Mindfulness can be practised anywhere anytime of the day, walking around, eyes opening, carry out daily tasks. Meditation tends to be seated and a conscious act. A deeper kind of rest through mastering the art of letting go and surrendering everything that fills the mind. 


Employee Wellbeing Sessions

If you would like to know more about how you can support your employees in the workplace with Mindfulness, please see our page, which will tell you more and get in touch.

“Despite having a successful career I felt I had areas I wanted to improve, particularly around handling pressure, prioritising and not feeling overwhelmed when I had more on than I could manage.

Louise really helped me prioritise and focus on one task at a time and how to do my role more effectively. Thanks for all the help and support I’m really glad I invested the time and money in myself for once.”
— Helen, Manager at a high street bank